Thursday, May 20, 2010


"Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well," Lord Chesterfield

I caved. Totally.

I have been feeling quite under the weather lately and my b/f made us soup and sandwiches for supper. Perfect. Light. Healthy. I was within all my points and everything for the day.

Yesterday was also bbq day which meant hamburger, bun, snack-size chips and cookies. AND, we had a bridal shower for a coworker which meant cake. I was still within all my points because I made good portion size choices.

I get home last night, late, and KFC is sitting on the kitchen counter. My brains and logic completely shut down. I went straight for it and put my piece of chicken, fries and macaroni salad on my plate - then proceeded to watch Criminal Minds (really good episode by the way!)

WTF?? WTH?? Seriously?? Seriously.

I'm not going to dwell on this lil' mishap but it worried me for a bit that I did it so automatically. I didn't even think about if I was still hungry (which I was); that I had already eaten (which I had); that it was super unhealthy for me regardless (which I know). Annoying.

I don't think it will hurt me on Sunday's scale but it worries me a bit becasue all my other days so far have been full point days too. I made really good choices today and plan on doing that for 2 more days. Sunday will be a good day no matter what. This pledge to myself is more than just a week. It's a lifetime. The Colonel is bound to appear in my life again - I will be more prepared next time he shows up though...on-guard!


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  1. I HATE when I do stuff like this! I do it all the time. Each time is a battle- you win some, you lose some. I wouldn't stress it though, like you said- the Colonel is bound to appear again. :) I love it! Keep up the good work girl!!!! You will get there!


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