Tuesday, June 29, 2010


"If people didn't sometimes do silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done," Ludwig Wittgenstein

I once (actually a few times) went to see a spiritual consultant (psychic) highly recommended by a friend (I was very curious).

She told me lots of things about myself that were right on track and even a few things about where my path is going. She couldn't see the final destination but could see the direction.

There were 2 things she said that I found interesting:

1.) That I would get younger the older I became. Which means playing and being silly and having fun would become very important parts of my life as I grew. Why I find this intriguing is because all my life - being the eldest child - has proven to come with major responsibility and usually means putting myself last (or definitely not first). As I'm maturing (Ha!) I am finding that I want to do all the fun stuff I never got to do as a kid or as a teen or as a young adult. My family seems to be having a hard time coming to terms with 'me' putting 'me' first. But, I can't worry about that (even though I still do).

2.) That my weight is an issue for me. Now, you may be thinking that she could see that since I'm larger and obvious but it's what she said afterwards that's important. She said that I'm thinking of losing weight (this was right before re-joining WW) but that I am fabulous just the way I am. That if I never lost one pound of where I was at it wouldn't matter because I already think that I'm fantastic. And the thing is, I honestly do think I'm pretty awesome.

Vain alert!

But what she said resonated with me because while I am on a mission to lose weight for my health and let's be honest here, to look better, there is a part of me that truly druly ruly likes who I already am.

So, for all you lovelies out there today - I hope you can take a moment to be silly and truly druly ruly enjoy who you are!


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  1. Just so you know, I too, think you're pretty awesome!!! Own it girl!!


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