Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reason Wednesday

"Often genius is just another way of spelling perseverance," Anonymous

There once was a girl named Vaia,
who set out on a journey of loss;
She started a blog to help her,
stay accountable and lead her like a boss.

She found some friends along the way,
and is forever grateful for the support;
Her daily choices in food and drink
are better - the bad stuff she will just abort.

She has many reasons she wants to be thin,
and every Wednesday she will share;
Every single one becomes her solemn hymn,
and she shares because she knows you all care.

Today her reason is:
to be able to wear sleeveless tops.
You see she wears them since it's super hot outside
but the extra skin she hates since it flops.

To remedy this problem
she'll go to the gym and yoga too;
For she knows that one day in the near future
her wish to have Angela Bassett arms will come true!

Please share with her your reasons
for why you want to be slim;
Even a hello! and how do you do!
will bring her happiness to the brim.



  1. Love the poem! My reason for loosing weight? Because I FEEL better, because I LOOK better, and because gosh darnit - I'm worth it! ;D

  2. My that little arse on the Wii Fit will stop saying "That's obese"

  3. Love the poem. Definitely made me smile.

    I want Angela Bassett arms too.

    My reason for getting slim and healthy is because I don't want the cancer I faught and overcame to come back.

    I also want to my big ole stomach to disappear and svelte in clothes. My boss makes me sick cause she looks fabulous in her cheap Ross for Less clothes and I have to spend tons of money on extra fabric.

    LOL & ^5@MANDY!!!!

  4. I want to lose these last few pounds because I am more confident and outgoing when I do...and I'm more depressed and I cut myself off from the world if I don't. :( cute post!!

  5. Super cute!

    My reason: because I've known from the beginning that I would DIE for my child, but now I realize I need to LIVE for my child. I want to live a long, long time (so that I can embarrass her longer).

  6. What a great poem!
    For be healthy and to finally freakin fit into a SIZE 12 designer jean! Oh yeah, just bring it baby!

  7. I have something for you on my blog. Stop by to pick it up!


  8. Super cute! Um...too many reasons to list...but they're all good! Keep it up dear.


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