Tuesday, July 27, 2010


"I knew I was going to be a comedian when I was about six. You get what you believe you'll get. You have to really want it and you'll get it," Billy Connolly

I wholeheartedly agree with this quote.

I believe that when you open yourself up to positivity, love and hopefulness - you will in turn receive positivity, love and hope. When you emit vibes of desperation, loneliness and negativity...well, you get the picture....(disclaimer: I'm not referring to anyone who suffers from depression - I'm referring to those who create negative energy for themselves)

I think I emit a positive vibe most of the time. Don't get me wrong, I stress too but I am truly blessed in life with a loving family, fantastic friends, a good job, amazing b/f - all things I have mentioned before on this blog. I have a friend who is stuck in a rut right now (actually, has been for awhile) in terms of love and romance. Thing is, she brings down all those around her and no matter how positive one is - you can't help but be affected by her attitude. This is causing some of our friends to de-friend her.

Now, I suffer from a major case of the guilts. So, I can never de-friend her. Plus, if this was happening to me, I would want someone to try and stick it out with me and keep on believing in me too. So, I stick it out and believe - but without jeopardizing my happiness too.

On this weight loss journey, I am constantly keeping a positive state of mind and being conscious of my choices to force good habits. I don't want to be that downer to you, my beautiful and bodacious blog buddies. I've told you on countless occasions what it is you do for me - and it's true. I hope, in some small way, that I do it for you too.

(You know do it like help you - unless I do it for you in "another way" in which case I'm flattered :)



  1. I first thought your heading today was "goats". I think that post woulda been much funnier. I should probably put on my glasses on before I start reading blogs.

    You're a good friend. Try to ignore the behavior without ignoring the person. That's the challenge. It's tough!

  2. This post put a warm feeling in side of me. I think your attitude is so wonderful. I can appreciate someone who wants to be positive. I try everyday to be positive. I pray also that I am helpful to someone everyday.

    Thanks for being that ray of sunshine V.

  3. Hahha, you do it for me girl!! ;)

  4. LOVE your post! Even though it is important to share all of your feelings on a blog, sometimes it's hard to support people who are *all* negative, all the time. As in "I don't know why I got out of bed.... every day". Amen, sista! :)


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