Monday, October 29, 2012


"Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst,"
I got measured for my maid of honour dress on Saturday.  I was between sizes and chose the smaller size.  I was half an inch, to an inch bigger than the smaller size and figured I can lose the inches/weight before her wedding in May.
Am I crazy? Do I call the store and ask to change the order to the larger dress size? Am I setting myself up though I know I can lose the weight and the inches....I'm fairly confident in my decision and frankly, what's a bigger motivator than being able to fit into my dress. Hello!
So, as luck would have it, I was visiting with friends later that day and encountered a personal trainer friend who created a food plan for my BFF to fit into her wedding dress. I asked him if it was possible to create one for me - I would pay and I would succeed. He wasn't sure at first - he does this for a living and he means business. Me and Bestie have carried our excess weight around with us for years so I can understand his hesitance. At the same time, he knows we are both getting married and want to look our best for such an important day. In the end, he messaged me and told me he'd help me out.
I am hoping for the best and I am not expecting the worst. I can't prepare for the worst because I won't be ordering the larger size. Going against all my best judgements - though I think in this case it's just fear and anxiety.
I will succeed. You will see. I will see. There will be no worst.

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