Thursday, October 25, 2012


"Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health and is as friendly to the mind as to the body,"
Joseph Addison
I am truly as cheerful as they get.  Imagine if the more cheerful one was, the skinnier they were as well.  Mind. Blown.  I'd be nothing! I'd be writing a blog about gaining weight.  Wait, I am writing a blog about gaining weight...
But there is proof to the thought of positive thinking and what it can do for ones health - both emotional and physical.  While I am a truly happy person, I have dark days - dark moments and in those may lie one of the reasons my weight is the way it is. Why I am the way I am.
I may have shared this story once before but I have gone to see a spiritual consultant once or twice in my life (*cough* psychic *cough*) I actually asked her about my weight. It's a pressing matter on my mind and I've been obsessed with it even before it should have been an issue to me (thanks family).
She said that I may or may not lose the weight. And that I would be happy and beautiful in any shape or form I am in.  I wonder if that weighs (no pun intended) heavily on my mind and is projected in my attitude and thoughts? I always worried about knowing my future with a psychic in case I screwed it up when whatever was supposed to happen came along - perhaps I'm doing the same thing with my weight issue? 
Hmmm...lots of thought for a Thursday.
Have a cheerful day!

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