Thursday, April 15, 2010


"It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult undertaking which, more than anything else, will determine its successful outcome", William James

I gots me some attitude.

And it's almost always a positive one. I try to see the very best in people and in situations. I try to even see it in myself. Why, oh why, is it so hard to see it in ourselves??

I know a guy who lost a lot of weight - and has since kept it off for numerous years. He is now studying to become a personal trainer and has most recently gotten into body-building. A few years ago, this guy was a beer-guzzling, rib-eating, multiple dessert-devouring kinda guy. One day his attitude changed. For his health, for the better.

What also changed was the attitudes of our friends towards him. They thought he was cocky, vain, a show-off. Indeed he was. I seemed to be the only one who understood and was ok with it. I'm a very tolerant and patient person, and because I often see the best in people I could see that he was still the same lovable, kind and good-hearted person I always knew. What the others couldn't see was that he was a fat guy who became thin.

That's the truth. That's his dream. That's my dream.

When you've been thin all your life, you don't know what it's like to be big and bugged. (I'm not saying slim people don't get the questions and comments about their weight because they do)...but as a bigger bodacious babe, I know that people will see me differently because I will be seeing myself differently. I don't think it will ultimately change who I am but there will be changes in me. And that is what is hardest for some of our friends to comprehend. This guy is proud of his accomplishments and he COMPLETELY should be. He worked at it - he exercised - he changed his eating habits - turned bad habits into good.

His sudden confidence and outgoing nature is too overwhelming for some. He has had to take stock of some of his friendships and relationships because a few were more harmful than not. That's the saddest part. It should be a congratulatory and encouraging time in his life. He has increased his life expectancy; he has come out of his shell to the world; he doesn't sit at home alone on a Friday night too lazy and insecure to go out. Attitude goes a long way.

I want me some of that attitude. The attitude that will get me to my ultimate goals. The attitude that will help me make a good food choice over a bad one. The attitude that will help me help others see the potential they have in themselves to be the best they can be.



  1. It all starts here babe. Attitude is everything, coupled with a little patience, a lot of forgiveness (of self), and a dash of commitment and determination (not the same though seem the same). It's a hard road to be on, but towards the end, the best road you'll ever be on and one that makes you happier than your wildest dreams can imagine- swear. And now you have friends following you and cheering you on the way- so great! Can't wait to see what the journey holds for you...

  2. I think that those folks who saw flaws in this guy. really were talking about their own flaws and insecurities. He was doing a good thing.. and should be commended for it.

    But he is the strong person to be able to recognize his own strength in pressing on and not letting the thoughts of others deter his goals...

    Oh this is a great place to be!! I see your attitude!!! and it looks great.


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